The Station Pub was built c1880 and was once the property of Cobden Bridge Brewery. It was purchased by the Fuller, Smith & Turner Brewery from 1898 and then again Purchased by Courage’s Brewery in 1920 for £8000. The pub was once called the Bitterne Station Hotel due to proximity of railway station.

Bitterne is an eastern suburb and ward of Southampton. Bitterne derives its name not from the similarly named bird, the bittern, but probably from the bend in the River Itchen; the Old English words byht and ærn together mean “house near a bend” or possibly bita ærn; “house of horse bits” either most likely a reference to Bitterne Manor House. Bitterne Manor is the site of the original Roman settlement of Clausentum, the forerunner to today’s City of Southampton. The manor house has existed from Norman times and possibly earlier, and was built from the stones of Clausentum. The house was used by the Bishop of Winchester, who travelled from manor to manor with his court throughout each year. The manor house also operated as a farm, and was surrounded by parkland.  With its easy access to the River Itchen and the navigation to Winchester, Bitterne Manor was used by the bishops as a distribution centre for wine and salt, which was panned in the river.